Update 12/27/2019: STAND-ALONE VERSION NOW AVAILABLE for Mac and Windows! The stand-alone client can be played without a browser and without an internet connection. Download it here (Dropbox Link).

Puzzlestuck saves your progress automatically using cookies!

Click the 'save' button in game to back up your save file so you don't lose it.

Puzzlestuck requires the Adobe Flash plugin to be installed.

It can only be played on desktop browsers.

Homestuck Puzzle RPG

Puzzlestuck is a Match-3 RPG fan game based on the webcomic HOMESTUCK by Andrew Hussie. If you're unfamiliar with the comic, this game may not make a ton of sense.

Features include:

See tips, strategy discussion, and frequently asked questions at the Puzzlestuck Tumblr.

For music while you play, check out the Homestuck Bandcamp page.

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Made in Adobe Flash CS6.


Homestuck is a product of Andrew Hussie and What Pumpkin.

Puzzlestuck design and code by Loren Hernandez.

The following artists allowed me to use their art and designs in this project - thank you! Please give them your support.